So the 4th of July is on us and now it's time to think about 2 things... 

Fireworks (covered in the last blog) and Food. Like you have, I've been to a number of different barbecues over the years, some good ones and some not so good. The best way to avoid annoying family is to either drink or eat. So, let's talk about eating.  I've been looking for creative ideas to make chicken sandwiches because I love chicken and I think I found one.

According to Serious  Here is a pretty sick chicken sandwich that is also pretty easy to make:

What you need is Chicken breast, Bacon, Iceberg lettuce, Crushed ruffle potato chips, mayo, tomatoes and green sauce.

  • First Pound out the chicken then put it in a simple sugar/salt brine for 30 minutes.
  • Then place the breast on the grill slightly off the flame so they don't blacken with flares.
  • Brush green sauce on the breast while it’s grilling.
  • Place bacon on the grill as well in the same method.
  • Toast the buns.
  • Once the chicken and the Bacon are cooked take them off the grill, now it's time to build the sandwich.
  • Place a good lather of mayo on both sides of the bun, now it's time to add the chips.
  • Now add the chicken and bacon, also a slice of Swiss for tanginess.

Get ready to eat like a Man!!

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