So there is a new app called Tab X that allows you to manage your bar tab without taking out the credit card. 

There is a new app developed by brothers in Birmingham, AL  that allows you to pay your tab, check out multiple bar's drink specials, and check out the different bar's around town. Yeah, that's kind of crazy,  I know.

Here some more info about this app on 

Tab X is not the first app attempting to solve the tab-closing conundrum, but Josh says they’ve identified key reasons Tab X will succeed where others have failed. One is Birmingham’s geography—not too big or too small, with plenty of bars, as well as a population willing to adopt and use new technology. In Birmingham, Taylor believes they can quickly connect the entire community to Tab X for a truly immersive experience.

Another past roadblock was connecting a bar’s existing point-of-sale (POS) system to the app, requiring owners to install a new system to match the technology. Tab X is built to operate immediately with existing technology. It also is adaptable to a range of operating systems, a crucial development that can ease establishments into adopting the app.

  • Open a bar tab from anywhere in the world

  • Keep multiple bar tabs open at the same time

  • Close your bar tab or tabs remotely

  • Auto-close for your bar tab when you forget to close out

  • Search and compare drink specials

  • Discover new or different bars around town

  • Get a printable expenditure summary at the end of the night

Apparently, it will be operational this spring as they are currently test marketing this in Alabama. I can totally see this app blowing up like Touchtunes. 

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