One of my coolest memories back in 1978 was being at the scene of a movie being filmed. Wish I could lie and say it was a major motion picture starring Tom Cruise, however judging by the title "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" it was a B movie at best. The producers had asked for extras to possibly be in a crowd scene, so my friend and I went out there along with what seemed like a thousand others, and hung around all day - just waiting for the cameras to roll. When the movie eventually was released, to my disappointment they never used my famous film debut - the face made for radio was denied.

Check it out, you may have better luck than I had, according to the Inforum in Watford City, North Dakota local actors are wanted for a new film based on North Dakota lynching. The movie is based on true events - based on Charles Bannon, the last man lynched in North Dakota back in 1931. The producers are hoping to find what they need before August. Producer Daniel Bielinksi of Canticle Productions and Bismarck-based production company D&N Cinematics will hold auditions on March 27 in Watford City and March 28 in Bismarck. Virtual auditions are also being accepted.

Think you have what it takes to land your mug on the big screen? Give it a shot, what do you have to lose? Bielinski is excited about looking for local talent, and the movie's target release date is sometime in 2022.

For more information about the parts being cast and audition information, visit or email


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