When the pandemic began, so many people were fortunate enough to work from home

My question is, did they ever return to their office or job site once things got a little better? Hey listen I'm all about people working from home if they have the means to do so, but personally, I would get claustrophobic, I mean sure the convenience for so many people is obvious, don't have to hassle with any commute, not to mention less wear and tear on your car. Seems like almost everyone knows somebody who works at home. Just recently a report from WalletHub was released on the Best States For Working From Home - How do you think North Dakota fared?

Ahh the life of working in your pajamas, unless you have a zoom meeting you have to be on

Seems like yesterday when we heard this - "non-essential". Remember that? According to wallethub.com "During the COVID-19 pandemic, state governments ordered “non-essential” businesses to close their buildings, which led many businesses to adopt a work-from-home structure" So would you guess that now since almost everything seems to be back at normal, everyone leaving the house to go back to work? Not necessarily, wallethub.com reported "...around 20% of all professional jobs were remote as of the beginning of 2022" So what else did wallethub.com factor in on this report? "Our data set ranges from the share of workers working from home to internet cost and cybersecurity. We also considered factors like how large and how crowded homes are in the state." So-called experts say that working from home keeps people safe. They also obviously say there are some advantages and disadvantages to working at home.

Here are the top three states for working at home:

1) New Jersey

2) District of Columbia

3) Delaware

Now the three worst ones:

51) Alaska

50) Mississippi

49) Montana

North Dakota was 48th). To me, I would be bored silly if I was to work at home. Our commute is so short, and working with others 5 days a week makes me appreciate my weekends at home that much more, make sense?


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