How many times have we tried to squeeze our vehicle into a tight spot? Our goal of course, is to just zip on in, park, and get on with our busy day. There are times, however, when it's almost impossible to maneuver our mode of transportation on one easy try.

Here is where the embarrassment kicks in-parallel parking is an art form, you see. Some may back in, back out, cursing the whole agonizing time, trying to "physically will" their car into a makeshift spot. In a perfect world, we should never have a problem with parallel parking, life's too hard as it is.

I now have a solution for all of us, the next time we are experiencing the dreaded dilemma. Think about Peter "Wizzer" Wilson. He attempted something on a fighter plane for the first time ever. The F-35B is designed to stop in midair before landing vertically on an aircraft carrier, using immense downward thrust. What’s never been attempted before is a shipborne rolling vertical landing – until now. Check it out for yourself, and maybe next time your about ready to perform the hateful P.P, you'll breathe a little easier.