You take classes! Here is one. 

The Bisman Community co-op hosted a Food as Medicine four-part class that uses a sister science to Yoga called Ayurveda.

According to KFYR TV:

The four week class focuses on learning how the body reacts to different foods and nutrients. Instructor Brenda Stone says that's the key to living a healthier lifestyle.

"I give them the tools to figure out what they need because this is not, this is a science but it's not an exact science," said Brenda Stone, Ayurveda Instructor.

The classes will meet for the next three Saturdays at the food co-op.

As someone who has attended similar classes like this, I really believe it is beneficial to your overall health to look into this.  There are food allergies you are not aware of that could be discovered as well as a proper way to make food that is a little more healthy than the way you are making it currently. 

If you go I guess I will see you there!

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