It's Summer...ish which mean it's grilling season! Here is a recipe to make a nice Steak on the Grill. 

Some of the greatest things to do when it's warm out are exercise and grill ... Emphasis on the grill.  So you want to Cook a Steak?  Here's an Idea some  Hipsters use :

According to, the Steak rub they use is a who 's who from Whole foods ( or Dan's here). Red Wine, Soysauce, Apple cider vinegar and honey. Put those together and that will be your marinade for the grill.

You can go all hipster and create a separate chimichurri to put on the steak once it's done but it might be too much extra work.

The rule of thumb is to wait to the grill is 450 degrees before you drop the steak on.  If you're very impatient like me, a good idea is to put your hand over the grill and if it takes about 2 seconds before you have to take it away you're good.

Put the steak on for about 5 minutes and you're ready to roll! 7 minutes if you like it Burnt of course.




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