A gorgeous week after a chilly start to Fall last week is making now, if ever, some of the best times to get out and enjoy the 701!

The colors are changing and if you have been stuck inside that office or house, just trying to survive the daily tasks; take the time and have a break!


We are all guilty of overdoing it! From work to school to kids to spouses...

So much as to the point of every which turn can feel overwhelming!

That's where we are OFFICIALLY saying, "You deserve a "Time Out". Take one!"

No. This does not mean quitting the job, the kids, the relationship...

This means, stepping away from the daily mutiny, the grind that never seems to go away, and just as the seasons are changing...

We too need to make a change from time to time. Simply taking that moment to clear the head, enjoy this changing of the color guard and breathe a new smell in the air just might be what the doctor ordered so that one handles the next set of challenges waiting at the door.

Fall "Time Outs" Worth The Time

If we don't ever make a change, Nothing will ever change.

Now, this is just a start... baby steps into how to change your pace...

Get you out of a funk and into the new season around you... regardless if your mood wants to accept, embrace or acknowledge.

One this is for certain; it's North Dakota and old man winter is just Around The Bend!

So stop fighting the change - Grab hold of it with all your might and ENJOY!

North Dakota Pumpkin Patches

Here's a list of some patches you might want to visit this Fall.

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