I am not a native North Dakotan, as most of you can probably tell already. I am from California, where my whole life I lived until just the past 6 years - I moved to Fargo. Just a tad bit of culture shock you might say. There is no change of seasons in San Diego, and I have grown to really love the winter. I sure have learned a lot out here, my first friend out here was and still is a remote car starter! While living in Minot, I was asked to be a celebrity judge at Home Of Economy - they were having a Lefse contest. Yes, homemade Lefse! Well, the very first thing I did after I accepted the job as a judge was to get on a computer and find out what a Lefse was.

When I came across this story yesterday, I could now understand the Norwegian goodness. You can eat it with sprinkled sugar on top or any other creative way. It is a flatbread - made with potatoes, flour, butter and milk or cream. Not sure if you know this, but now you can even use a Lefse as a facemask. I kid you not. KFYR reports that a Fargo store feeling extra creative has found a way to celebrate  Scandinavian culture. Stabo Scandinavian Imports worked with a T-shirt printer in Fargo to make lefse masks. Susan Rusch, the owner, had this to say “We just think we’re going to embrace this. Everybody’s wearing masks. It’s important to wear a mask and let’s have some fun with it, and just enjoy it,” 

The cool thing is that one dollar from the sale of each mask will go toward the Sons of Norway to help keep making the delicious treat.

As of right now, the lefse masks are sold-out, if you would like to order one, go to https://www.stabo-imports.com/ or call (701) 282-0421.


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