There is a lot to be said about dreaming of living in a large mansion

I get that for sure, think about a two-story house with about 7 rooms, maybe one filled with a pool table and a couple of old-school pinball machines. Heck, how about an indoor pool? A home theater for big-screen viewing? All of that is great except for one thing, about 99% of us can't make that fantasy a reality. So try and focus on what you can do! We are all lucky to live in North Dakota, why not take advantage of that? Look around and utilize what you got.

Some people here in Bismarck have a huge backyard to explore

They might not be thrilled with the size of their house, but think about what you could possibly do if you owned some land? Plus you wouldn't have to have as much as you think. Check out some ideas about building a small little ( key-word is little ) house for an even LITTLE amount of money. According to " We found two tiny homes on Amazon that cost less than $10,000 and are similar to the one that went viral in 2019. The Allwood Estelle Cabin Kit and Allwood Chloe Cabin Kit are two tiny homes that fit in most backyards and can be set up in just a few days"

SO Think BIG, live small, and enjoy life

Watch the YouTube video and imagine yourself living in one of these petite palaces, and never forget where you live, that's the most important part.

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