An evil foe that shows absolutely zero compassion

If you have had any experience of this in the past, or you are going through it right now - whether it be immediate family, friends, or maybe a co-worker - Cancer kills. There are so many incredible people in our world, country, and right here in Bismarck that are all joined in one goal - to fight cancer.

You CAN do your part...

Look, I can completely understand the feeling of when some people will say "Well I wish there was something I can do...".....I say there is. First of all, never give up hope, and second, you can make a donation, AND plan on having a wonderful evening filled with good music, good people, AND HOPE.

WHEN: March 9th

WHERE: North Dakota Heritage Center & Museum - 612 East Boulevard Ave, Bismarck, ND

WHAT TIME: Starting at 6:00 pm


Bismarck Cancer Center - Facebook Page - posted this for all of us: 

"Join us for the NDRise concert for Cancer on Saturday, March 9 at 6 p.m. The concert will take place at the ND Heritage Center and will feature Braveheart Band and AB Band. Hosted and sponsored by NDRise, the proceeds of this concert benefit our Foundation.
Bismarck Cancer Center Facebook
Bismarck Cancer Center Facebook

 Once again, this is YOUR chance to show your support -to donate - to all be together to add strength in this fight against an evil destructive foe. Never forget those who have lost their lives, and ALWAYS remember that there are amazing brave people who will never give up - The Bismarck Cancer Center. 

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