So what do you think? Are people vaping inside Bismarck restaurants?

You wouldn't think so, would you? Let me rephrase my question - "Are people HIDING their vaping inside Bismarck restaurants?" I think it's entirely possible, AND it wouldn't surprise me one bit, just because I know how human nature is, I ALSO have worked in the restaurant business before, and I know how stressful of a job that is - so if somehow, someway some employees find a quick hideaway spot inside, and vape. I also came across a Facebook post on a group page in town, there are quite a few more people other than myself that have actually seen vapers inside restaurants.

So what if the place is on private property? Do owners have to right to have people vape inside?

I noticed several comments from those that have health issues about their concerns over a particular restaurant that was mentioned ( I won't say which one it was ) - they have legitimate fears because vaping is harmful - according to "  "found most e-liquids contained chemicals known to cause respiratory issues and lung damage when inhaled...We also found all e-liquids contained substances for which the health effects of inhalation exposure are unknown"

Although I saw some comments about people vaping, others mentioned that they found it hard to believe that it was going on inside...

...for pretty much one reason, if caught the owner or owners of the restaurant could be given a huge fine, for it is illegal - added "Use of e-cigarettes included in definition of smoking and therefore prohibited in public places, places of employment and within 20 feet of entrances, exits, windows, air intakes and ventilation systems thereof (with some exceptions)"  I'm guessing those that choose to vape inside are pretty careful not to get caught.



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