No this isn't some shameless way to get a Fight Club line into a blog (maybe it is). 

Party America is now Party City a new conglomerate that really saw the value of investing in Bismarck. Why not? we got money here too!

Party city currently has 850 locations in Nationwide and 4 in North Dakota including the new one in Bismarck. It's one of the biggest party supply chains in this country.

The store was originally owned by Mark and Mary Hoff who decided to get out of the Party Business. Now we got a massive chain that will serve North Bismarck well. Just in time for Halloween!

If you're curious on what these guys do so well in the merchandise arena,  just take a look below:

It's so cool that this store is open so close to where I live, and once you start shopping there you will realize how awesome it is as well!

Welcome to Bismarck  Party City!




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