Let's do the math, a 125-pound teenager on a bicycle vs a 4,000-pound car - who will win? This is a problem that's been around in Fargo for a while now, imagine driving down the road and seeing a number of kids on their bikes aiming right for you.  According to the Inforum, this insane game became a problem during the long summer days, not only is it dangerous for the teens but also for everyone concerned. They branched out from their local neighborhoods to the busy city streets. Check out this exclusive video that WDAY has on just how crazy this is. So far no major injuries have been reported, but someone's luck could easily run out. The teenagers haven't been shy about their exploits, riding along even close to police cars, cruising along in packs, they take great pride in capturing their stupid maneuvers on video so just maybe TikTok will air them, but hopefully, certain social media platforms will refuse to show them to deter other teenagers to try it themselves.

For some reason, the idea of popping wheelies and flipping people off while steering their bikes head-on towards an oncoming vehicle is a rush. Terrifying is what others are experiencing - Jeff Morrau of Fargo made it pretty clear "(It)Kind of scared me, there was a larger truck, like a Ram, or something like that and the kid popped a wheelie and played chicken with the truck, I can't imagine how that might make someone feel striking a child, no matter what careless behavior brought that to occur."    

There is some good news, in the last few months dozens of reports have come in, and a couple of juveniles have been referred to juvenile court, Fargo Police Lt. Bill Ahlfeldt said that after the large group was juvenile referred, only a few left are still out there.



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