The CES Expo is happening right now in Las Vegas and with that comes some really cool new gadgets ... here's one:

LG Signature Oled TV R

Has great technology but has a pretty sweet box that it rolls into.

Here's what it looks like below:


What they are saying at the Consumer Electronics Expo is that this product is ready for the market right now. This year you will see it in stores. It looks like it probably will only be available for those early adopters and crazy rich hedgefund people with disposable income, mainly because it is looking to start at $10,000 per set.  As time goes on though, I'm sure the price will come down to something a little more reasonable.


Here are some more specs from the manufacturer:

Support for Alexa voice controls are being added this year in addition to the existing Google Assistant integration in LG’s webOS software; you just hold down the Prime Video button on the remote to bring up Alexa. And LG is also one of the companies that’s adding Apple’s AirPlay 2 for easy media playback or device mirroring. You can play music on the Atmos speaker system even when the TV is fully rolled up, which is great. Port selection is on par with other premium LG sets, and they’re all located at the back of the base. LG is making the move to HDMI 2.1 with its 2019 series, so that’s a big plus in terms of future proofing this very expensive TV.



I can't wait to ball out with this TV !!

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