There's quite the debate over where the center of North America is. The newest suggestion? Center, North Dakota. 

Growing up in North Dakota, we were always told that Rugby was the geographical center of North America. However, The Wall Street Journal covered a story involving a small town bar. Hanson's Bar in Robinson, North Dakota claims that they are the geographical center. Naturally, Rugby was not excited about it as it has been their claim to fame since 1931.

Well, we have a new contender and its name is coincidentally, 'Center.' Center is located Northwest of Bismarck.

According to the website Popular Science, geographer Peter Rogerson has recalculated and found Center, North Dakota as the center of North America. Rogerson's method of using digital records of state boundaries and a computer program he invented is the most accurate method to date.

You can read more about Rogerson's study here.

What do you think? Rugby, Hanson's Bar or Center? Let us know in our poll below!

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