Deep Purple have launched a countdown clock associated with the words “Turning to Crime” – suggesting that it may be the title of the band’s upcoming 22nd album.

On entering the web address, visitors are redirected to a page on the EarMusic label’s site, containing the repeated words “Turning to crime” and police-style mugshots of the five band members. Each holds a chalkboard with their names and reference numbers which may provide further clues. A newspaper clipping featuring Kojak star Telly Savalas is also seen on the page above the countdown clock.

Bassist Roger Glover reported late last year that the group were planning a new studio project. “All this COVID situation has meant that we can't tour,” he said. “We’re twiddling our thumbs, really, for over a year, and the idea was to possibly go back in and do another album. And so we're just working towards that. It's so quick after we'd done the last album… maybe that will spoil things, but we're gonna try and do another album at some point next year. We're experimenting with stuff.”

In 2018 Deep Purple became the subject of retirement rumors when they named their latest tour “The Long Goodbye.” Last year they released 21st album Whoosh! and drummer Ian Paice told UCR that they were enjoying a new lease of life after reuniting with producer Bob Ezrin in 2012. “Before that, I think for about 20 years, nobody really did like going into the studio,” he said. “It was like a labor of work. Whereas everything else, you do it as a labor of love. But Bob made it fun. He made it quick; he made it efficient. He made it good.”

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