My personal feeling is, that half the glamor and excitement of driving almost an hour away to a casino are...

...the lights and sounds of slot machines that greet you when you walk in. Your heart pumps just a tad faster dreaming of a moment when the bells and whistles go crazy after you've dropped in a  few bucks - "Money flying your way - You're a WINNER" I don't have that luck though, you'll mostly see me with my empty pockets hanging out of my pocket LEAVING a casino. Did you ever wonder how cool it would be to have your very own slot machine - in your house?

I hear you on that, BUT is it legal here in North Dakota?

Well now I'm guessing your desire to OWN a slot machine would be just for the sheer entertainment factor - I mean you don't intend on your guests or even family members to couch up their hard-earned money for you to make a profit, right? The actual legal answer is is legal to own a slot machine - there is a minor requirement though.

"Alright let's see some ID please"

So according to "The term "coin-operated gaming device" does not include a bona fide vending or amusement machine in which gambling features are not incorporated as defined in section 53-04-01, or an antique "slot" machine twenty-five years old or older that is collected and possessed by a person as a hobby and is not maintained for the business of gambling"  So there you have it. There are actually from time-time some slot machines for sale on FB Marketplace. Hey, here is an idea, you can use the machine as a personal bank, and save all your quarters for a "Rainy Day...right?"

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