This year has been anything but normal, that's for sure. The coronavirus causing complete havoc, from the huge loss of lives, to just simply destroying our economy. All of our daily routines have changed, and we have done our best to adapt and to move on with things we used to take for granted - like students going to school. Our very own Bismarck High School took a small step towards regaining back normalcy yesterday - the first day of fall classes. Keep in mind now that last spring ( which seems so long ago ) there was complete closure of school district facilities.

The sights in the Demons hallway clearly showed the effects of  COVID 19 - hand sanitizer stations at the door and students wearing masks were evident. The usually crowded school was half that, as those that had their last names begin with the letters A-K attended, part of the hybrid instructional model strategy aimed at keeping the capacity to just 50%. The other students that had their last name start with the letters L-Z finished their first day of school via online distance learning ( Today-Tuesday would be their turn to physically be at school ). This way of doing things makes sense, the district officials hope to regulate space, clearly a smart move by taking away the masses and making it easier to follow social distance outlines. First day observations - students seemed to be taking the virus seriously, doing their part to help out during these strange dangerous times. Bismarck Tribune caught up with senior Sean Korsmo who said it best “It’s just nice seeing people together. Even if I have to distance from my friends and try to keep my mask up to protect other people, it’s just worth it, It’s nice to be back".  Check out more on this story by clicking here.


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