The Eagles may have sealed their fate for this season with this latest letdown. 

The very fickle Philidelphia fans were calling to bring back Nick Foles in this latest fiasco losing to the Dolphins, but if you look closer it was the Defense that spit the bit today.

Carson Wentz was 28/46 for 310, 2 TD and 1int  and was cruising to a nice win in the third quarter up 28 to 14.  The Dolphins and Fitz Magic came back and shocked a very good defense going 23-3 the rest of the way to a very surprising 37-31 upset of the favorite Eagles.

The lone interception Wentz made was on the Hail Mary at the end of the game which happens.  The story of the game though was the lack of pass rush by the Eagles, the penalties and the mismatch of Davante Parker to Eagles DB's as well as the tight end mismatches.

If you're looking to bench Carson Wentz after this game, you are not paying attention.  Just have another cheesesteak and keep your mouth shut. 


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