NFL Sunday is this weekend. While all of us are watching San Francisco and Kansas City do battle in Las Vegas, most of us are not happy that our team didn't make it to the big dance.

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Everyone has their favorite NFL team. I Like watching and supporting the Minnesota Vikings. My dad loved the Vikings as well, but after he moved to Arizona, he really enjoyed watching the Cardinals.

TSM Media Center
TSM Media Center

When it comes to popularity, people in each state tend to show who they like by buying merchandise.Lids drilled down on what team each state likes/supports the most.

  • North Dakota - Minnesota Vikings
  • Minnesota - Minnesota Vikings
  • South Dakota - Las Vegas Raiders
  • Montana - Las Vegas Raiders

Lids even did a deep dive into what popular players jerseys sold in each state.

  • North Dakota - Micah Parsons
  • Minnesota - Justin Jefferson
  • South Dakota - Patrick Mahomes
  • Montana - Patrick Mahomes

As we gear up for NFL Sunday this weekend, the excitement is palpable, even for those whose beloved teams didn't make it to the grand stage. Whether you're rooting for the San Francisco 49ers, the Kansas City Chiefs, or any other team, the passion for the sport unites fans across the nation. From reminiscing about family traditions tied to favorite teams to analyzing jersey sales and player popularity, the NFL brings people together in ways beyond the game itself. So, as we settle in to watch the showdown in Las Vegas, let's revel in the camaraderie that spans borders and states, reminding us that football isn't just about touchdowns and tackles, but about the connections and memories it fosters among us all. Oh, and what our Taylor Swift song is too!

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