A Phish fan who was captured on video taking the “first bong hit to ever be ripped” inside of the Sphere has reportedly been banned from the venue.

The incident took place during Phish’s April 20 performance (yes, 4/20), part of their brief residency at the state-of-the-art facility. Video of the concertgoer smoking out of a bong quickly went viral among Phish fans, who shared it all over social media (you can watch for yourself below). The fan base – known for being very cannabis friendly – generally laughed and embraced the man’s feat, but Madison Square Garden Entertainment, owners of the Sphere, didn’t share their enthusiasm.

In a letter sent by Christopher Schimpf, the company’s SVP/Associate General Counsel, the Phish fan was informed that he “knowingly violated the guest code of conduct by visibly smoking inside the venue.”

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As such, the fan has been “indefinitely banned” from the Sphere and all other MSG venues, including “Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall, the Beacon Theatre [and] the Chicago Theatre.” The letter closed by threatening that “law enforcement will be contacted” if the fan attempts to enter any MSG venue.

MSG’s Controversial Banning Policies

This isn’t the first time MSG has grabbed headlines for banning people. In 2023, the company received national attention after refusing to let lawyers who represent clients in litigation against MSG enter any of their venues.

MSG uses facial-recognition technology to enforce their bans, a tactic some have argued violates civil rights. "If New Yorkers can be banned from a Rangers game, they can be banned from the grocery store or the pharmacy," opponents previously declared. "These technologies are ripe for abuse, and it's long past time that the city and state ban them."

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