Work, taking care of the kids, keeping up with household chores -- life can be pretty stressful.

Question: Have you ever wondered if it's more stressful to live in specific areas?

As it turns out, it very well can be.


Zippia did a study, looking at the average number of hours worked each week, incomes, house prices, unemployment rates, and the average length of residents' daily commutes.

In doing this, they found the most stressed-out city in each state.

Most Stressed Out City In The U.S.

The source not only found the most stressed out cities in each state; it also found the most stressed-out cities overall in the country.

Here are the top 5:

1. Mead Valley, California

2. Asbury Park, New Jersey

3. Lantana, Florida

4. San Luis, Arizona

5. Nacogdoches, Texas



Most Stressed Out City In North Dakota

You might guess Fargo to be the most stressed out city, just because it's the biggest, but you would be wrong.

The most stressed out city in North Dakota is *Drumroll please* ... Williston.

Williston's hours worked to income to home-price ratio is 50-15-17.14%.

So the average person drives 15 hours a week to work, and works 50 hours. Yikes!

DO you live in Williston? Do you think this is accurate? Send us a message through the app and let us know!

Ways To Destress

It would be awful of me to talk about being stressed and just say, "Good luck to ya" without offering any solutions.

Ways to destress:

1. Exercise more - easier said than done, I know.

2. Meditate -- If you can sit still long enough. I can't.

3. Try yoga - Fun stretchy time! -- I actually do this and love it!

4. Sleep more -- Again, easier said than done.

5. Laugh more - Laugh with people, at people, whatever you have to do. Find a way to smile!


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