Jimmy Page and Robert Plant have told the court they'll appear in person during the upcoming trial being held to determine whether they plagiarized from Spirit founder Randy California when writing "Stairway to Heaven."

Classic Rock Magazine reports that Page and Plant's attendance was at the center of some brinkmanship between the attorneys representing either side, with the plaintiff's lawyers claiming that the duo's "refusal to specify if they will appear is causing havoc" and forcing them to "designate more deposition testimony that [the case] will need if they appear."

"This uncertainty is extremely costly," added the motion, "as Plaintiff is also having to edit hours of video deposition testimony."

Page and Plant's lawyers have assured the court that they will indeed be on hand during the trial — in fact, they say their attendance was never in doubt. "We have previously made it clear that Messrs Page and Plant will attend the trial," reads their retort, "but with them coming from England we cannot guarantee the day they will arrive." In response, lawyers for California's estate have accused Page and Plant of having a "lack of common courtesy" and attempting to "dictate the court's schedule."

Once thought unlikely to appear at the trial, Page and Plant have already sat for filmed depositions in the case, which hinges on a corresponding chord progression between the Spirit song "Taurus" and the intro section of "Stairway to Heaven." The latest barbs tossed between attorneys notwithstanding, it's been rumored that the suit could be settled with a symbolic one-dollar payment — as well as a "Stairway" co-writing credit for California. But Page and Plant could owe as much as $14 million if the case is settled against them. The trial is set to begin June 14.

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