The political landscape of this of this country has gotten out of control and now we are talking about a potential Presidential candidate fighting a sitting President. Funny and sad. 

So Joe Biden about a day ago made a Biden-esque comment about how he would beat up Trump in High School if he made those past comments about women, and of course not to be outdone, President Trump responds on twitter about how Joe Biden would go down hard. Ha !

I'm sorry that I find humor in this story but I must say as someone who voted for Trump I kinda like the fiesti-ness especially when he's being politically attacked like most people from the opposite party are. Seriously though, why does politics have to be boring ? Why can't it be similar to WWE Entertainment, when everything else in our world is.

Presidents yelling at Dictators, and Football players, Baseball players yelling at Actors. I mean this is what really happens behind closed doors right ? The only problem is that it allows us as Americans to stay off our phones and TV sets for fear of extra stress. Is that a bad problem though? I don't think so.

So I'm curious, if there was a fight between President Trump and Joe Biden who would win ?


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