Former Yes vocalist Jon Anderson and Flower Kings guitarist Roine Stolt have teamed up for a new album, and they're ready for fans to hear an edit of the song "Invention." You can listen to the song below.

The new LP, titled Invention of Knowledge and due out July 8, is the byproduct of the two artists meeting on the Progressive Nation at Sea cruise in 2014. After agreeing to sit in on a set with Stolt's band Transatlantic, Anderson suggested they perform the entire first side of Tales From Topographic Oceans, and a partnership was born.

"It was like going back to the ’70s in one way," said Stolt. "Because there were no rules. We were drawing inspiration from all sorts of musical heritages across the world. There were no restrictions. Jon said he didn’t want us to do a traditional progressive rock album, but rather wanted it to be progressive music. We took inspiration from anywhere and everywhere. There is so much music out there to be excited by, so why deny yourself that possibility?"

Excited as they might have been, Anderson and Stolt were separated by geographic distance, and ended up collaborating on the bulk of the record by swapping files — without necessarily pausing to think about how Invention of Knowledge might fit in or stack up against the decades of music they'd both already recorded. In the end, the album was made up of four songs, each more than 10 minutes in length — with the title track clocking in at 23 minutes and change.

"Both of us have a history of music behind us," Stolt said about the project. "To take on something completely new wasn’t really something either of us wanted to do. However, this is definitely the most complicated and detailed music that I have ever done. And that’s so exciting."

"Working with Roine has been such a musical mystical journey for me," said Anderson. "I’ve had so many musical adventures in music over the past decade, and feel the time is just right to release some of the songs that came to me with the help of fellow musicians. Roine has proved to be an excellent producer, as well as a very soulful guitarist and all round musician. We decided to create long-form musical journeys for people to take time to relax, listen and enjoy the results of our labors."

You can check out the track listing for the album below and pre-order your copy of the album now.

Anderson/Stolt, 'Invention of Knowledge' Track Listing
Invention of Knowledge
1. "Invention" (09:41)
2. "We Are Truth" (06:41)
3. "Knowledge" (06:30)

4. "Knowing" (10:31)
5. "Chase and Harmony" (07:17)

Everbody Heals
6. "Everybody Heals" (07:36)
7. "Better by Far" (02:03)
8. "Golden Light" (03:30)

9. "Know…"  (11:13)

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