The wind chill show's it's ugly head again. According to the national weather service, the wind chills are back in business starting tonight into Friday Morning. Temperatures with the wind chills expected to get as low as -27 degrees.

There is also a 30% chance of snow which can complicate things a little more in regards to road conditions. Probably the best bet is to go to Cash-Wise and hoard food tonight. 

Seriously though, the next couple of days will be pretty difficult to travel in so the best bet is to keep things safe and minimize the time you spend outside.

According to the Bismarck Tribune:

There is no more than a 30 percent chance of snow through Friday. The National Weather Service has measured 37.5 inches of snow, 5 inches above the normal of 32.5 inches to date. The record high for this point in the season is 65 inches in 1993-94 and the record low is 3 inches in 1934-35.

Time to crank up the heat and break out the Knoefla!

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