I remember months ago I read a short question on Facebook

"Hi, just wondering if you have had any updates on when the Buckin' Bean Coffee Shop in Mandan is opening. They just put banners up yesterday saying "opening soon". I immediately jumped into our station's vehicle and went over to 601 1st St Ne - and there was an empty, lonely beautiful building with a huge sign that said "Buckin' Bean Premium Coffee - Coming Soon"

Not soon enough for all Java fans

Just recently Buckin' Bean posted some pictures and this tease -  "Get excited Mandan, Buckin‘ Bean is opening soon! It’s been a long time coming, but we are ready to let it buck!!  Enjoy a little sneak peek of our cozy shop. Can’t wait to see you all!!!"  - still no word on WHEN they would open their doors.

Like little kids on Christmas morning...

...that's how excited Mandan residents were at 6:01 am when the Buckin' Bean Coffee Shop came alive. Owners Toby and Chelsea Severson ( with a restless, nervous night's sleep ) immediate goals were to make an impact on a community they love so dearly - well I'm here to tell you that I believe they have already accomplished that. With help from their daughter Kinzie and brand new employee Joni Olson -  a beautiful menu greeted hungry caffeine fans as they walked in.


Here is what hit me first, their logo.

When I saw it, I would have sworn that this place is part of a franchise - it's so well thought of, and done perfectly. I had some questions for Toby and Chelsea - "Are you nervous about opening a brand new business?"  - She answered fairly quickly "Yes, we are extremely excited that we are FINALLY open. We love this community - everybody comes together, and people are here for each other" I complimented them on their sign, and it came as no surprise that they were paying respects to the Mandan Rodeo - with the Buckin' Bull.


Desserts, three different kinds of sandwiches ( Italian Stallion ), and a soup of the day

Their hours are 6 am to 6 pm - 7 days a week. The grand opening of any kind of business is always exciting and scary at the same time. Toby and Chelsea took their time with this - "We are getting our feet wet - and don't want to be overwhelmed" she said. You two have nothing to worry about - let your Mandan neighbors embrace your enthusiasm and coffee!


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