We all have our go-to places that make us feel good, greet us with a smile, and make us feel right at home

This place was it for me. In Mandan, I would try and go by at least once every two weeks - they knew me by name and always took the time to ask how my day was going - just a textbook-friendly, local place. I remember many times engaging in conversation with the manager, One of the employees would always make it a point to drop by the window and genuinely ask me how my food was from the last time I drove by.

Hardee's in Mandan had all the manners and charm you could ever ask for...

...and last month they closed its doors and hung up a sad sign that said:

          "We Have Closed

     Thank you to all of our loyal patrons and Guests.

     Please visit us at our Bismarck  Location"     

I drove by their location at 500 E Main Street the day after, I knocked on the closed door to talk to a few people inside, curious about why they shut down permanently, and without any notice. I was told that I could call a corporate number for more information - I didn't bother. My first thought was about some of the people I came to get to know who worked there - hoping that maybe they would be able to transfer to the 1301 Capital Ave Hardee's. I couldn't help feeling sad as I drove back to the radio station - definitely a loss for Mandan.

This past week another fast-food restaurant posted a note on its door

Could this be happening here?

Bismarck People Reporting News
Bismarck People Reporting News

No official word yet on what their status is. The reason why I haven't mentioned the restaurant is simply because I still hope that they can resolve whatever is going on, and that the KING can return to his throne



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