Now that we’ve finally arrived in 2016, TV talk can safely shift to from the shows closing up shop in December, to the onslaught of premieres and returns on deck. We’ll have to wait until February the latest Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, but thankfully, the prolific host has a short segment to tide us over, and remind us it’s okay to fail New Years’ resolutions miserably.

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver will formally kick off 2016 on February 14, but in the meantime, the former Daily Show correspondent put in a brief return to discuss New Years’ resolutions, those pesky mandates we inflict upon ourselves annually, but inevitably break within weeks, if not days, if not minutes, if not moments.

Every December, for some reason, we decide that next year will be the one when everything turns around. But let’s be honest: we’re a few days into the New Year now, and you haven’t broken your resolutions yet, statistically, you are about to. And that can be depressing but don’t panic, all hope is not lost because the key thing to resolutions is not how to keep them, it’s how to revise them once you’ve failed.

The advice itself is solid, but let’s face facts: if you needed to wait until January, one of the coldest months and best reasons to stay inside, for a gym membership, chances weren’t great on keeping the resolution anyway. In the meantime, happy 2016, and stay tuned for more of Last Week Tonight With John Oliver in February!