If you were wondering where they went, wonder no more. 

Laughing Sun brewery has moved to a new location that is bigger and better than the original. The address is 1023 E Front Ave in Bismarck.

The new space has room for more production of their canning line as well as indoor and outdoor event space. There's going to be a kitchen here serving tailor-made BBQ  and some Thai dishes as well. The executive chef will be the former Green Earth cafe and Bistro chef Chef Gary Daier.

The new space opens this Tuesday and will feature a Halloween party Wednesday night.

The thing I enjoy from this brewery is their beer lineup but also the live music they bring and they will continue to do that 3 days a week.  This time though there will be plenty of room to go around. The last place off main was way to cramped.

Here's an Interview co-owner Mike Frohlich did with ND Today Talking about the new space. Click here





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