Dillon Fischer of Mandan honored September 11th in a unique and awesome way.

Fischer is a busy 18-year-old. He has a full-time job, attends Mandan High School and serves in the National Guard plus is also a Junior Firefighter with the Mandan Fire Department.

To commemorate the 15th year since the 9-11 attacks, Fischer went to Anytime Fitness in Mandan and climbed 110 floors on the Stair master in his fire gear! I'm guessing the full gear adds another 40-50 pounds to his body.

Dillon is 18 years old and his actions should make all of us proud to live in North Dakota and be an American!

Way to go Dillon! On behalf of a grateful community, we thank you for your service in several areas and we think you're more awesome than words can describe!

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