Lucky's had a really good crowd for the first Bison game, but it was what they did during the game that was pretty cool.

The bar was packed with yellow and green, some painted their faces, others just ordered up the first of many rounds. It was the first Bison gameday of the year!

As will probably happen throughout the season, at halftime, people were starting to trickle out. It was a blowout and interest began to drift elsewhere.  Lucky's had a pretty good way to keep your attention. Every time the Bison scored, you got a jello shot.

Somehow, I noticed a raffle ticket next to my Jameson shot. They were doing raffle prizes as well.

Now those two things seem pretty minor in the grand scheme of things, but they kept people in the bar till the end of a 49-3 blowout.

Some of that is the atmosphere, some of that was a contest we had with the bartender on how to drink a jello shot after passing it through a flame.

All and all though it's pretty evident this bar knows how good the Bison are and how they must keep people’s attention during blowouts because there are going to be a lot of them. 

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