Now for some mindless Friday afternoon humor - Hopefully this is something we can all relate to, earlier today here at our radio station on Memorial Highway, I found myself engaged in conversation with Randy, and Scott from Cool 98.7, and the topic was as simple as can be - misheard song lyrics. Without a doubt we have all been guilty at one time or another humming along to ourselves, then belting out something that our ears have tricked us to believe was the real deal forever. Example: "Put me in COLD, I'm ready to play...Today".  I was certain that was the verbal riff to the song Centerfield by John Fogerty. I mean, to me it made perfect sense, Someone so anxious to get in there and PLAY! Like, put me in COLD, no warm-up. Well, I sang it that way for who knows how long until someone who didn't care about RUDELY interrupting MY version, pointed out my tiny error.

The actual correct lyric ( or say they say ) is "Put me in COACH, I'm ready to play...Today". All three of us shared other false illusion lyrics, of course, we laughed at each other's miscues and such, and then Randy informed me that there is actually a web site you can visit to take care of further embarrassment ( of myself ) OR you can play mediator and settle future heated arguments. So take this site - - and be ready to step in when they are singing "Put me in COACH..." and put a halt to it immediately!


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