It used to be fans would only eat their words when their predictions didn't come true.

This Cavaliers fan was so confident the Thunder would finish off the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals (and for more than just a brief moment it sure looked like they would) that he pledged to eat his shirt if Golden State somehow rallied to win the series.

Well, guess what? The Warriors, of course, completed an impressive comeback after being down 3-1, forcing this guy to try a type of cuisine that not even the most starving people in any Third World country would consider.

We give this guy credit for following through. Sure, he shouldn't be forced to eat an entire shirt because that'll turn his insides into the digestive system version of the New York Knicks -- a total mess. And putting barbecue sauce on the shirt probably did wonders because putting barbecue sauce on anything does wonders. It doesn't matter if it's ribs, a shirt or soybean tofu.

Maybe the Cavaliers can honor this fan's passion during the upcoming NBA Finals. Instead of lasagna, we suggest they start offering LeBro-gna.

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