This punishment definitely fits the crime.

A man who robbed a Kansas City, Kan. bank so he could get away from his wife has been sentenced to six months of home confinement. Talk about a plan backfiring.

Lawrence John Ripple, 71, held up the Bank of Labor last September and then remained on the scene for cops to arrest him, claiming he preferred being in a cell than having to live at home with his better half.

On Tuesday, a judge dropped the bombshell sentence on Ripple, who probably would rather be sentenced to literally anything else than the possibility of the little missus blocking his view of the TV as she vacuums while he's watching The Price Is Right each day.

Ripple claims he had suffered from depression after heart surgery before he robbed the bank, which, of course, begs the lame joke if he thought he was depressed before imagine the funk he's going to spiral into when he realizes he legally can't get away from his wife.

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