There comes a time in every alcoholic/addict where "The Bottom" is looming. Your life is spinning out of control - bills are unpaid, family and friends are those you avoid - and every single day the only thought that runs through your head is that first drink. The sad part of the whole thing is that hitting rock "bottom" is usually death. I say that NOT for a dramatic effect but out of experience. When I was deep into my drinking I knew that I had a problem, but was too scared to get help - afraid of what life would be like without alcohol. My best friend at that time was alcohol, it helped me through times when girlfriends left me, booze was with me when my mind wanted nothing to do with responsibilities - AND alcohol was there to chase away the shakes that came to me every night.

I was one of the lucky ones to have an opportunity to live in recovery homes for over a year - in that span I fought the urges and temptations to drink yet again, but by the grace of God the moment of clarity hit me on an early weekday morning - one of the past residents had reached the point of insanity and took his life. When our manager told us all the news, it dawned on me that my life was heading in that young man's direction - I 100% surrendered. I am now eleven years sober, and when Kori B. sent me this wonderful story it brought back a flood of memories. Here in Mandan, a new men's sober living home is underway. A place where lost souls can be in a safe environment and try and get their lives slowly back. This small place of heaven is called NEW DAYTime to heal and find some structure, and to realize that life can be glorious without the demons of addiction. I think Paul New, the manager at NEW DAY said it perfectly on an interview with KXNET “They find out that they’re loved and accepted again and forgiven. That really helps people to get back to where they can be productive again,”   

There are 12 beds in NEW DAY, and five are occupied at the moment, the men have access to a kitchen, community room, and most importantly support - from each other. I had the chance to speak to Paul myself today, and he told me "There is no time frame, they can stay as long as they want". The greatest part of recovery is to hear stories of men and women who have pulled themself out of the ashes and who now realize the potential they have, and the strength to go on every day, minute, second. The world of addiction is deadly serious, and I am thrilled that NEW DAY is here! For more on this story and info on NEW DAY click here.



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