Obviously just goes to show you just how much snow Bismarck and Mandan were hit with

Seems like just yesterday when last April slammed us with a blizzard - of course, it took a while for all the roads in and out of town to be cleared, STILL though all the workers that attacked the streets with plows almost around the clock did an amazing job, and I will NEVER complain about the conditions we are left to deal with, however, I will point out some rough spots that I just discovered this afternoon in Mandan.

No sweat cruising to the Mandan Post Office...

...heck East Main/West Main street was a total breeze....that's right...all the snow from the last two storms has been shoved to the side as normal - on my way to the post office, I hung a right on Collins, and just a block or two away my destination awaits -still no hassles whatsoever. It was when I left and turned right up the street at 3rd St NE that I began to see some spots, especially when I turned right and rolled down the hill at 1st ave - I came to the bottom and thought I could cross the street towards Main St again and there was pretty much a "You're NOT crossing the street HERE" divider - I look off to my left and maneuvered down the street - pretty rough in those areas, expect nothing more than slow speeds over there.

I finally made it to Main...

...and all I could think about was just how much of a challenge it really is to keep our roads, from the main to the side ones safe. They do a terrific job!

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