This year has been chalked full of depressing events - one after the other it seems. That is why I love to focus on the positive, and what better way than to point out great things our local youth is up to. Let me introduce you to Grant County High School senior Laura Muggli - MDU Resources Teen Of The Week. There is nothing more refreshing than to meet someone who has such drive and motivation. The Bismarck Tribune reports that growing up on her family's farm taught her how to be hard-working and inspired her passion for agriculture. When you really want to get a good report on someone's character, look to their teacher - Laura's English instructor Kay Rivinius had this to say about her student “She is a very determined and disciplined young lady who learned diligence from observing and living on the family grain farm,” Rivinius said. “She is not afraid to get dirty and has become an intricate part of the farming operation. Laura is not intimidated by a half-million-dollar machine as she rolls across the North Dakota prairies during harvest.”  

A half-million-dollar machine would certainly scare me off. As you can imagine, this talented young lady has other interests as well. She is a member of the academic team and 4-H, plays varsity basketball, is the class secretary and treasurer, and is the president of FFA, Future Business Leaders of America, and National Honor Society. For more on this well-deserved MDU Resources Teen Of The Week click here.


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