I am a fan of most sports, like many people though, I am lousy at PLAYING most sports

That rings true with most people that I know, however, I have my favorite sports that I watch on television - baseball, and football. Bismarck and Mandan residents have enjoyed some great hockey over the years, with the Bismarck Bobcats. The true energy for this sport has been shared over the radio airwaves on one of our sister stations - SuperTalk 1270 AM. This year that tradition continues with 22-year-old Patrick Geshan. This young man is loaded with talent, ambition, and a burning desire to be a part of our community.

A graduate of Miami University ( last May ) - Patrick ran the sports department at his school - this is how he came to Bismarck...

...his parents are friends with the commissioner of the NAHL - Thom Brigl, the owner of the Cats for the last 20+ years received a resume from Patrick ( who had sent all the other teams in the league his stats as well ) and hired him sight unseen last early July. Just last week the Bobcats kicked off their season with the traditional showcase - this was in Blaine, Minnesota - Patrick glided through all four games like he was with the team for years. I have been in radio since the early 90s, and it is my opinion that doing play-by-play in hockey is by far the hardest thing there is. Patrick loves the game for it's rapid quick pace, and to be able to describe the action that is on the ice is inconceivable to me. He does it with ease, and with a brand new team and city, you would think the pressure is enormous - impossible to tell by listening to him.

I asked Patrick about his job, and what it's like to do what he does

His answer was perfect - "To bring someone to the game without them being there"   The Bobcats kick off its regular season THIS Friday, on the road against Aberdeen. With a smile on his face, he told me how much he is looking forward to being HERE for the Cat's first home game - he has already heard just how avid and emotional the Bobcats fans are. I respect anyone who can do their job with a polished attitude and as you listen to Patrick's play-by-play on SuperTalk 1270 all season long, you will enjoy his enthusiasm and sheer love for what he does - painting a picture in all of our minds of what hockey is all about. We are lucky to have Patrick Geshan. Go Bobcats!

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