Great to see this.

Metallica played the Alerius Center in Grand Forks this past weekend and left with a nice surprise.  They donated a portion of the proceeds of their show to the Great Plains Foodbank as part of their nationwide fight against hunger.

The donation which is $10,000 comes from their All within My Hands Foundation.

As a part of Metallica's nationwide tour, the foundation is raising awareness of hunger issues in America and encouraging its fans to help where they can.

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The $10,000 donation will help supply 33,000 meals through the Great Plains Food Bank to people in need in the state.

Metallica also donated concert tickets and a set of the band's 13 studio albums to the food bank for a drawing among the organization’s volunteers.

The Great Plains Food Bank provides food assistance to more than 97,000 individuals in North Dakota, with nearly half of those being children and seniors.

Over the years Metallica has developed a mixed relationship with their fans, some due to substance abuse, and some due to the direction of their music. Overall these guys really stepped up to the plate here and showed their true colors.  The last 10 years they have really shown how gracious they can be and the fact that they can still rock the hell out of a stadium. 

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