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It's kind of like WWE  only smaller. 

The Micro Wrestling Federation is one that represents little people. These athletes know how to put on a show though. There are Matches like the Micro Brawl, the Royal Rumble and hardcore matches.

The great thing about these guys is that they get the crowd involved more than any other wrestling match. So, if you're curious about how this event runs and energy of the crowd, or if you've never seen little people wrestle, come on down!

Here is the official press release:

The Micro Wrestling Federation is a full-scale, WWE type event supported by an entire cast under five feet tall. It’s going to be pandemonium as the Micro Wrestlers body slam, bear hug, and headlock throughout an evening of nonstop action. Here is what you can expect:

Two Single Matches: Who are the toughest Micro Wrestlers? Come find out!

Micro Brawl: Body slams, suplexes, and punches to the face can take place anywhere in the venue! Get ready for up-close and personal Micro action!

Micro Royal Rumble: All the Micro superstars enter the squared circle and stand tiny toe to tiny toe against one another in the main event! The belt is on the line and only one Micro wrestler will leave as champion.

Following the show: Fans can stick around and socialize and get autographs with the Micro cast members!

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