Ex-Packer head coach Mike McCarthy had a formal complaint issued against him at a high school basketball game. 

If only he was this animated for the Packers, he would still be the coach.  Apparently, his stepson plays for Green Bay Notre Dame High school in Green Bay and the team lost last night to Pulaski high school in a WIAA regional game by 1 point. The loss ended the schools season at 3-20  but George Kress, his stepson led the team with an average of 13 points per game.

After the game, a visibly upset McCarthy berated the officials as they were leaving the gymnasium and the incident was captured on video.  Now it's a matter of the league office.

This isn't new for McCarthy who was plagued with bad decisions throughout his NFL coaching career which is probably the reason why the best QB in the Game has only 1 ring and missed the playoffs this year.

I certainly don't think he was taking his NFL unemployment frustrations out on the high school refs as most parents do, but it kinda looks like he was. 

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