There are many times in life we go through sheer pain. A toothache that kicks into high gear at 2:43 in the morning. An affair of the heart, a loved one breaks your heart (which generally inspires a country music song to be written). The death of a pet rips out your soul - HOWEVER, nothing can top the emptiness, the horror of watching your hometown sports team pack up all their gear, throw it into a convoy of moving vans, and motor on down the highway to another city. Could this happen to the Minnesota Timberwolves?

Just recently I wrote an article about a former New York Yankee baseball player Alex Rodriguez and his partner Marc Lore meeting with Minnesota owner Glen Taylor, in hopes of becoming the new owners of the NBA team. There were some wild rumors floating around that the T-Wolves could be moved to Seattle or maybe Las Vegas. That is usually the first thing people fear when a team is sold. Good news for Wolves fans, according to KVRR, "Taylor is being sued by minority partner Meyer Orbach, who currently owns about 17% of the teams. Orbach contends Taylor is denying his right to sell his stake to the prospective new owners." KVRR reports that Taylor is confident the team will STAY in Minnesota.

To this day, pain shoots through my body when I hear the name "Chargers". I hate every Los Angeles team there is, and when the Bolts BOLTED 120.4 miles North on the 5 Freeway back in 2017 and became the Los Angeles Chargers, every wonderful moment of being a San Diego Chargers fan evaporated in a second. I wish that hurt on NO ONE!


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