No Swimsuits for the Miss America Pageant? What? So according to the New York Times, The Miss America pageant is getting rid of the Swimsuit competition in accordance with Gender Equality.  Which begs me to question, then why do we care about Miss America or Beauty Paegents in general?

I understand beauty is what's inside, but the whole point of a pageant to also flaunt the beauty outside as well, that's why we call women hot, That's why women love to be called hot.  Obviously, that name can be subjective depending on the person but overall that's why women go on crash diets and buy makeup and guys don't.

If anything, the Miss America pageant is celebrating all that is great about women, their philanthropy, their caring and nurturing nature and of course they rock it when they're wearing a bikini.  

So Please PC Police, leave the beauty pageants alone, they're not bothering anyone. 

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