Looks like the river is going to get some hight this week. 

The Missouri River will rise another foot and a half this week as US core of engineer’s step up releases from the Garrison Dam. The increases are due to snowpack melt and rainfall runoff. 

This is probably a normal occurrence around these parts but 12.5 feet where the river will rise to is pretty high.  People living around the river should be encouraged to listen to national weather service updates just In case we get a torrential storm that might make the river rise higher and cause flooding. 

This has to be the cons of having a beautiful house on the river, I've been in those situations in other cities where you come home and the water is up to your door, people passing by your house on canoes.  Trust me, Hurricane Sandy wasn't fun. 

Hopefully, we don't have to deal with that type of situation. 


Here's more on this story from The Grand Forks Herald

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