KFC doesn’t stand for Kentucky Fried Chicken anymore and there might be very good reason for that.

Hold on to your pre-processed lunch, folks, because it's about to get real gross.

A Reddit user posted a picture Tuesday on the site of what may be some sort of organ underneath a piece of chicken he ordered at KFC.

User six6six4kids wrote, "Got some KFC tonight, it tasted like death, peeled back the skin and this was inside."

Sadly, it wasn’t a million bucks. It wasn't the secret to life. Heck, it wasn't even an extra breast, accidentally slipped in free of charge. It was some sort or organ, presumably belonging to someone or something that presumably needed or still needs it to, you know, function.

The organ – or whatever it is – in the picture looks pretty darned similar to one posted by another Reddit user who ate at KFC a few weeks ago that was later identified as a kidney. That piece of culinary mayhem was described as “wrinkled brain,” which clearly isn’t as appetizing as fresh brain, unless you’re a zombie, who, as we all know, is not discriminating when it comes to quality of cerebellum.

Adding insult to dry heave is the fact that six6six4kids claims he purchased a two-piece meal late at night and couldn’t do anything about it, since the restaurant closed by the time he realized that what he had bought.

Our recommendation? He should've returned to KFC the next day with the chicken and upgraded to the liver-spleen-intenstine three-piece with a side of sauteed tongue.

Perhaps even more amazing is the fact there have been 10 other reports of scenes like this unfolding at various KFCs. Sounds like it's time to give Popeye's another try.