Here's another one. 

According to sources, there's an unconfirmed sighting of a Mountain lion near the water tower by Liberty Elementary school and Horizon Middle school. The police have not confirmed the sighting but the schools are being proactive and are keeping the children in school in case parents feel more comfortable to pick them up.

This is the second time in 2 weeks that a mountain lion has been sighted within city limits.  According to My ND 

The school is asking that students not walk home alone today.

A second email has now been sent to parents of BPS students at 3 pm. This email says Bismarck Police have found nothing to confirm the mountain lion sighting.

The school says students who walk home will be held at school to give parents time to call the office in case parents wish to pick them up.

Bismarck Police were called to an area in north Bismarck last week in the Hay Creek area for a mountain lion sighting. No tracks or mountain lions were found during the search.

Please be careful if you're like me and live in North Bismarck. 

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