This is starting to get scary. 

Last night there was a mountain lion sighting in Northwest Bismarck. Not sure if it's multiple animals or the same animal. Here's the official word from KFYR:

Around 10:30 p.m. Tuesday night, a Bismarck resident reported yet another mountain lion sighting in their neighborhood.

The facebook post reported that they saw the animal in the North West area near Washington street and Medora avenue.

Bismarck police said they have received no calls pertaining to a sighting and recommend the public to proceed as normal.

They did find tracks though so local schools are taking the proper precautions.

 Hopefully, we can get to the bottom of this in a pretty timely matter before something happens to somebody's property or worse, somebody.  Here's how to keep them away from your property:

Installing motion or timer-activated outdoor lighting, sirens, or jets of water around your home and domestic animal enclosures may help keep predators away. Remember that it is as important to scare away the lion's potential wildlife prey as it is to scare away the lion.

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