The one thing I'm most proud of, that I picked up from my parents, is that I have the utmost respect for police, military, and anyone in uniform that serves and protects our community. I am most grateful for their support and how lucky we are to have them. One such group, the North Dakota National Guard will be deployed next month. The one part of their job that has got to be the toughest is deployment. Some may have just started a brand new family, a wife, and kids. The men and women who have chosen this profession know that they may leave at any time, and for how long they will be gone, that is always unsure. KFYR reports that more than 60 soldiers will be sent off to Washington D.C - this move in November wasn't a surprise, they have known about it since June, as a matter of fact, at the Army Aviation Facility, 10 Black Hawk helicopters are being prepared for the upcoming mission.

The men and women will be gone for 9 months, they will be out there to add support for the 12th Aviation Brigade, transporting personal and cargo. One such couple will face this upcoming deployment - Riley and Andrea Marquardt we’re married on Sept. 12 in Lincoln. Riley commented that this is the hardest part without a doubt, leaving his wife of just 2 months. Andrea knew this trip was coming - “We knew it would be at his six-year mark but we didn’t really know when, and it ended up being two months after we got married that he was getting deployed,”

Why do young men and women do this? Simple, to serve and protect our country - Is there an award that comes with it? The answer to that question comes from Riley's father Steve “Just seeing his smiling face, his personality. Anyone who knows Riley knows exactly what I’m talking about - Riley getting called up, yeah, it’s a proud dad moment,”       

Thank you to all the men and women in the past, and those present, for putting on a uniform and keeping us safe.


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